How to Get a Job When You Graduate

Finding a job after graduation can be a daunting task for most graduates. This is because most students don’t consider the prerequisites of getting a job until they are through with university education or in their final year. However, students should consider their university life as the start of their working life from day one of college. The co-founder of Graduate Recruitment Bureau, Dan Hawes says that the importance of this ideology is important in getting a good understanding of skills that you acquire in every year of the university. Many students today are of the thought that getting good grades good enough to land you a job. The fact is, graduates have to be prepared for the job market by acquiring skills and experience during college. Students should understand what graduate recruiters look for in entry-level candidates.

A Good Resume

If you don’t have a resume, now is the time to start putting one together. Recruiters and hiring managers want to see your skills and accomplishments, whether it be essays you’ve written or part-time jobs you’ve held. Start with the most important information  – relevant skills, education and experience. Leave off information that can’t be applied to your career.

Business Mind

Graduates recruiters are looking for students with a business mind. A student does not have to have built another Facebook. However, students can exhibit this trait by starting clubs, organizations or a small business at the campus. Having done this tells the employer that you know what running a business entails though on a small scale, but you have an idea of the challenges that are likely to come about.

Global Mentality

Having a global mind-set today is a much-sought prerequisite by graduate employers. Students who have a greater understanding of different cultures have an upper hand. While at university, students can enhance this by participating in exchange programs that can help them speak other additional languages thereby showing wider cultural understanding.


Additional languages have a very high demand of late because employers want students who can reach to a multitude of people while still making them feel comfortable in their native language. Additionally, bilingual students are said to interview better than academicians with one language. However, students have to be careful and make sure that they have done enough practice on the language before indicating on the CV.

A Clean Digital Trail

Students should be careful of what their online profile says about them. Employers will always look online to find out what kind of students they are getting into a contract with. As a student, this can work your way by having a digital footprint that underlines what you do and what you stand for. This can take various forms from setting up a Linked In profile to developing a blog and so on. Online negativity could result in the rejection of a job application.

Office Etiquette

Graduates should know how to behave in an office setting from receiving the phone to the appropriate dress code. Knowing how to fit in could help a student to adopt faster, and this would reflect positively on his or her performance in a short time. Students should consider looking for opportunities to work in an office while still at school.

Tech Savvy

Today every facet of business is turning to IT, so it is important that students harbour the skills on programming and software development. Computer knowledge has become increasingly important and employers are expecting graduates to be computer literate. Even when not applying for a tech company, students ought to know the basics of computing used in the business world like working with Microsoft Office and using other devices such as printers, scanners and fax machines.


There’s a lot of free time while at the university. Students can make use of it by joining societies or university sports teams. The significance is that this decision can get you into a job as employers will perceive you to be a team player. Being in a team is the best way to say that you have experience in the same, and you are treasure teamwork.

Positive Attitude

Having all the above attributes is critically important for the graduate job market. However, employers today have been faced with graduates who have wonderful credentials and experience to their names but a wrong attitude. Having a positive attitude goes a long way and an employer can opt to train you for additional skills if you possess the right attitude. Whatever qualifications you possess it is equally important for graduates to bring forth a positive attitude to the workplace.