Double Your Job Prospects! Healthcare Career Options that Offer Job and Salary Growth

The healthcare industry has been booming for a while. It is one of the few areas that is always experiencing growth in one sub-field or another. So if you are looking for a career in healthcare, it’s important to keep up with the changing times. You have to research job and salary growth rates and pick a career that has great prospects. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there are a few careers that have especially good projections. Whether you’re 20 or 45, here are a couple of healthcare careers to seriously consider:

 1. Physical Therapists

Physical Therapists are basically rehabilitation experts. They help people who have been through severe physical injuries to recover their strength—a job which demands patience and attention to detail.

Physical Therapy ranks way up there in the salary criteria with an average annual salary of over $75,000 in 2010. The estimated increase in jobs for this career are astounding 39% or faster. This growth rate is within the highest bracket of job growth between 2010 and 2020, according to BLS(1).

While playing the numbers game with salaries, don’t make the mistake of choosing a career that you do not enjoy. The enjoyment factor must weigh in at some point and if you don’t see yourself being a physical therapist 10 years down the road, then it’s not worth the investment.

2. Epidemiologists

If you have an interest in health and biology, consider a career in epidemiology. The idea of finding the underlying cause of an epidemic and coming to the rescue is undeniably intriguing. This movie-plot inspiring career is also on the rising in future job prospects.

Consider investing in a Master’s degree in epidemiology—its pays well. According to BLS(2), current salaries are above $60,000 annually and the job growth prospect is predicted to be 24% right through 2020. Every decision you make is a trade-off and in this case, you will be trading off a few years and maybe a few loans for a career that you will hopefully grow to love and one that will provide solid job opportunities.

 3. Pharmacy Technicians

Pharmacy technician is a perfect career choice for those considering a career in pharmacy. It’s also very forgiving if you’re joining the healthcare industry later in life because it doesn’t require a huge time or money investment. Pharmacy Technicians often receive on-the- job training and may also receive training through an affordable online program like CareerStep , which not only helps you get certified but also helps you secure a job.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics(3) does expect this career field to keep growing in the future and predicts job growth of 32% from 2010 to 2020. The average salary today is $28,400. This stable job involves preparing prescription orders, updating patient records, watching out for the details of dosage and interacting with patients on a daily basis. The low-stress environment is a plus for most people.

While these are not the only growing careers in healthcare, they were chosen because they represent a unique set of interests that appeal to a variety of readers. Remember that it’s not too late to get a fresh start and the healthcare industry provides increasing jobs and great salaries—doubling your job prospects in the best way.  And most importantly, healthcare is a rewarding industry because you get to witness the difference you make every day in the small things that make life a grand event!






Author Bio:

Frida Cooper has been working as a career guidance counselor for about 12 years. She’s stayed on top of growing industry trends through market research and interaction with young students and working professional alike. Her hobbies include swimming, meditation and music. She believes that everyone can enjoy a lucrative career by paying close attention to their passions and aptitudes. Of late, Frida has been focused on researching work-from-home opportunities for stay-at-home moms or professionals who would like to supplement their income.