Greek Life and Your Career

Pop quiz: What do 85 percent of Supreme Court judges since 1910, Bill Clinton, Eli Manning and Warren Buffet have in common?

The answer: They were all once a part of their respective college alma mater’s Greek community, meaning they’re members of a fraternity or a sorority.

That’s right, some of the most influential leaders and decision-makers – as well as sports stars and wealthy businessmen – in our country’s history once pledged to a frat or sorority. While Greek life is often portrayed in pop culture as nothing but wild parties (see the 1978 hit movie Animal House), pledging a frat or sorority is more than just a way to meet new people and have a good time while on campus. No, when you join a chapter, you’re joining a national organization with great nationwide networking potential, all of which can give you a leg up on your competition when you’re searching for an internship or looking to enter the job market after graduation.

Yes, networking is one benefit to joining a frat or sorority. It’s why you should join the Facebook and LinkedIn groups of your chapter, as you’re bound to come across someone that’s a member of your chapter in your job hunt. We also recommend putting your fraternity or sorority on your resume or highlighting it in your cover letter. Doing so proves that you were involved on campus during your college days beyond just going to and from class.

But there’s more than just networking and social benefits that partaking in Greek life during your college days is good for. In addition to helping make your college stay more enjoyable and allowing you to meet new people from varying backgrounds, there’s also the opportunity for you to take a leadership role in your fraternity or sorority. See what opportunities there are in terms of leadership positions in your local chapter or your campus’ Greek council, as well. This can further pad your resume, as leadership is a desirable characteristic for any business. While high school is often seen as “college prep,” try to think of Greek life – and taking an active role in your frat or sorority community – as somewhat of a “career prep.”

Greek life is about more than just parties, dating and making new friends – it’s about networking, both regionally and nationally to improve your job prospects. It’s about becoming involved in an aspect of your campus community to prepare for your career that’s to come after graduation. We can’t all be Warren Buffet and Bill Clinton, but Greek life can help spearhead your road to professional success.

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