Grad School or a Job – Which Should You Choose?

This guest post is by Debbie Owen, who writes on the topic of online doctorate degree programs.

Some people go to college because they’re expected to do so; for most others however, it’s their chosen path to the career they’re seeking. They hope to secure a job at the end of four years, one that pays well and allows them to lead a comfortable life. Yet others know that academia is an integral part of their lives and so they stay in school to complete  a doctorate. However, there are some people who are torn between entering the job market soon after graduation and choosing to pursue their graduate studies. For them, the decision is not cut and dried because of various factors.

  • Some put off going to grad school because money is a problem; they already have a student loan hanging over their head and are not  keen on borrowing more money in order to finance their master’s degree. If you belong to this category, you would probably have to find a job that allows you to pay off your loan and put off your grad school dream for a few years, unless you’re able to secure a scholarship.
  • Some choose to go to grad school because they know that their additional qualifications could help them find a job that pays better and is more suited to their temperament and skills. They don’t worry about the expense because they know money will not be a problem once they graduate, or because they work part-time to finance their education.
  • Some choose to switch majors when they go to grad school because they feel this field holds more opportunities – it’s not unheard of for people to finish college and then want to enter the fields of medicine or law because they’ve suddenly discovered a passion for it. They’re willing to do everything it takes to qualify for admission to the schools that offer these degrees, from studying hard to taking pre-requisite courses and exams.

So if you have the means to pay for tuition and if you’re sure that you want to go to grad school because you feel it will help your career, or because you want to stay on in academia and pursue a career in research, it’s best you find a school that offers the degree of your choice and seek admission. However, if you’re staying in school simply because you want to put off finding a job or because you don’t want to accept the responsibility that comes with no longer being a college student, you’re just hiding from reality and postponing the inevitable.

Also, it’s not too wise to rack up student loan debt just to pursue a graduate degree. You could find a job, save up some money, and then decide to go back to grad school. Alternatively, you could check out online options that allow you to continue to work even as you earn a degree.

Grad school or a job, the decision depends on your financial worth and your goal in life – choose wisely so that you have no regrets.

This guest post is contributed by Debbie Owen, who writes on the topic of online doctorate degree programs.   She welcomes your comments at her email id:

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