4 Flexible Jobs for College Students

While you are a student you know how crazy your class hours can be. Maybe you have all afternoon classes except for Mondays, or all morning classes except for Fridays. Or you have classes at 8 am and 6 pm and nothing in between. This can make it hard to find a job that will work with your constantly changing hours. Here are some job options that might work for you:

  1. Merchandising – You know those videos in supermarkets or those games in Wal-Mart or those CDs in Best Buy? Someone has to put those out there and keep it clean and it is not the people who work there. Instead there are people known as merchandisers or vendors who come in and restock and keep things clean. From Coke to Lays to Disney, merchandisers work odd hours in a largely independent way. Sure you have to get things done on certain days, but the hours are pretty much up to you. If you like independent work that pays decent try looking up a merchandising company near you, or ask your local business who their vendors are.
  2. Food Service – Waiters and waitresses get a bad rap and it is hard work, but if you work in the right place it can also be very profitable. Tips are your bread and butter so your income can go up and down, but if you are a people person this could be a great job for you.
  3. Tutor –From elementary to college students need tutors. Maybe you made As in Math or English or Biology. Whatever you are good at you can tutor in. From the ABCs to Algebra and beyond tutoring pays well and you set the hours you are willing to work. Once you have regular students it can be quite a nice income.
  4. Freelance – If you have a talent at something like web design or writing you can go freelance. There are many sites out there that connect you with work and if you do good work you will get repeat customers. Best of all you work on your own time when you feel like it and build on your experience. What could be better?

There are many jobs that college students can do to bring in income even while in school. Check out these four and see if one will work for you!

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