Finding a Part-Time Job in College

Finding a part-time job in college can be tricky. First, you need an employer that’s willing to work around your class schedule. In addition, you’re competing with hundreds, or even thousands, of other college-age job-seekers looking for the same types of jobs. Here are a few tips to help you find that elusive part-time position that helps pay the bills but doesn’t derail your college life.

Start on Campus

A job on campus is ideal if you live on campus or don’t have reliable transportation. Even students living on off campus may find it much more convenient to have their workplace near where they have classes. Some places to consider: the campus bookstore, the alumni center, student services, campus athletic center, tutoring services and the library. Take a look at your college’s online job board and search for student jobs. You may even find something related to your major.

Think Small

Small businesses are often overlooked by job-seekers, so you may have better luck contacting local businesses rather than large chain stores or corporations. You can find small businesses in your area in the phone book or by searching online for specific industries in you town.

Ask Around

Most jobs come through referrals by insiders, and this is true even for part-time jobs. The best way to get a good part-time position is to ask people if they know any place that’s hiring. As a college student, it’s likely you have several friends or classmates with jobs so it shouldn’t be difficult to get the word out about your job search.

Spread Your Search Area

If you aren’t having any luck¬† in your immediate area, try nearby towns or suburbs. This will only work if you have access to reliable transportation and the cost of transportation will be offset by earnings, but it can greatly improve your chances of finding work depending on where you live.

Be Thorough and Persistent

Just because a job is part-time or doesn’t pay high wages, doesn’t mean you can put forth minimal effort and expect to get hired.¬† Even minimum wage jobs can be competitive in areas with a high concentration of college students looking for part-time work. Fill out your applications thoroughly and accurately, and include a resume with cover letter when appropriate. Applications are generally kept for a certain period and then discarded, so if you really want the job you may need to re-submit after a few months.

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