Black Lives Matter: Support and Learning Resources

Recent events, particularly the murder of George Floyd, have brought to light problem of racism in our society. The Black Lives Matter movement has gained momentum and already lead to important changes. However, we have a long way to go. And just as racism exists in the world at large, it also exists in the workforce. Employers, teachers, colleagues, and clients can exhibit overt and covert racist behaviors. These behaviors inhibit growth of Black students and professionals.

As someone with an online platform, I wanted to recognize Black Lives Matter in a sensitive, yet effective manner.  With the goal of raising awareness and providing support, I’ve compiled a list of resources for anyone seeking help or wanting to learn. Whether you want to donate to Black business owners or want to combat racism in your workplace, these resources will give you a place to start. Although you may not be out protesting, you can still create change in your workplace, your school, your home or even within yourself.

Resources For Employers and HR Professionals: 

How Employers Can Support the Black Lives Matter Movement

How Organizations Can Support the Mental Health of Black Employees

6 Steps to Building a Better Workplace for Black Employees

The Support You Need to Give Your Black Employees Today

The Mentor Method

Top 3 Ways to Reduce Racism in the Workplace

4 Ways You Can Tackle Racial Discrimination in Your Workplace

Resources For Black Professionals, Students and Business Owners:

Black Founders

13 Organizations that Support Black Entrepreneurs

Minority Business Development Agency

Black Career Network

The Black Perspective

Black Enterprise

Resources For Everyone:

Black Visions Collective

Know Your Rights Camp 

YWCA and Racial Justice

Center for Racial Justice in Education

Further Reading:

The Racial Healing Handbook