Where to Find Insider Career Information

It’s easy to find job descriptions, but they don’t tell you what people really think about their jobs and employers.  Before deciding to pursue a career or accept a position, you should hear from the people who’ve actually been there.  Several websites allow people to write honestly about their career experiences and submit employer reviews.  A few resources where you can get insider information about careers and employers:


If you’re preparing for a job interview, Glassdoor.com is a great place to find interview questions you’ll probably be asked.  Former candidates can provide details about their interviewing experiences including the length of the interview, the number of interviewers, specific questions asked during the interview, and how long the hiring process took.  Glassdoor also has salary information and company reviews provided by employees.

The Career Project

The Career Project offers profiles of careers by people that have actually worked in the field.  Thousands of mentors have contributed their experiences to help you make a decision about what career to pursue. You can browse through different industries to find job titles and locations that match your interests.


Jobitorial allows anyone to anonymously post company reviews.  Learn from current and former employees about their experiences working for companies including Disney, eBay, and Starbucks. Browse through popular employers to discover which companies have the happiest employees and which ones to avoid.


Not only can you search jobs from across the web on Indeed.com, but you can also research employers. Indeed includes company ratings provided by site users, and a convenient way to apply at each company. Each employer has a page with reviews, photos, forums, jobs and analytics.


On Vault.com you can research companies and read insider information about working at each company. Vault offers employer and internship program rankings in law, consulting, banking, retail and many other industries. The site also provides school rankings and job listings. The downside is that Vault Gold must be purchased to access employee reviews, but it may prove worthwhile if you’re seriously considering certain companies.


Job seekers interested in retail should check Jobbite for honest reviews on popular employers. Featured companies include AT&T, Old Navy, and Best Buy. Reviews include the reviewer’s job title, location, salary rating, and work environment.

When researching careers and employers, don’t rely on one or two sources to help you choose. Take advantage of all the excellent resources available and gather as much information possible before making a decision.

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