The Best Student Planners for College 2018

best student planners


Planning and organization are keys to academic success in college. One way to stay on top of assignments and other events is to keep a planner on hand. A good academic planner will have a place for notes, goal tracking and at a calendar large enough for writing in daily tasks. You may prefer a daily, weekly or monthly calendar view. Some planners have several views while others are more streamlined. Some have extra features such as stickers and other fun ways to customize your planner. Then there are more traditional planners with simple designs. Whatever your preference, there’s a great planner to fit your goals and personality. Read on for our list for the best student planners for the year 2018.


Blue Sky 2018 Weekly & Monthly Planner

The Blue Sky 2018 Weekly & Monthly Planner includes weekly and monthly calendar views, room for notes, and a reference page to keep track of contacts. It’s a good choice for those needing a simple, yet functional calendar. Not only is it a great student planner, but it also works well for any busy professional.

The Simple Elephant – Best Agenda Day Planner to Achieve Your Goals & Increase Productivity, Passion & Happiness

The Simple Elephant Best Agenda Day Planner is perfect for those with big goals in the new year. This planner includes mind maps, visual boards, a place for affirmations, and yearly goals. Plus, you get a free sheet of stickers to help track important milestones. In addition, you’ll get monthly and weekly calendar views with room for notes.

Panda Planner – Best Daily Calendar and Gratitude Journal to Increase Productivity, Time Management & Happiness

The Panda Planner has monthly and weekly calendar views with room to write in projects, goals, and monthly focus/daily habit. The planner features a morning review, allowing you to reflect on things you’re grateful for and excited about, plus a place for writing in daily affirmations, focus and exercise. The end of the day review keeps you accountable for your goals and allows you to see what areas need improvement. It’s a great planner for those wishing to increase productivity and stay on top of goals throughout the year.

AT-A-GLANCE Weekly / Monthly Planner

The At-a-Glance planner includes both weekly and monthly views, with pages for notes and contacts. It’s a planner with everything you need, but nothing frivolous. If you’re intimidated by over-the-top planners, this is the best choice. It has a simple layout and design but has all you need in an academic or professional planner.

bloom daily planners 2018 Calendar Year Daily Planner – Passion/Goal Organizer

Bloom Daily planners come in a variety of cover designs and has the standard monthly/weekly calendar views. It also has space for notes and goals (although not as much as many other planners) and a year in review page. If you need a planner with an attractive design but don’t want to be overwhelmed with a lot of extra features, this is an option to consider.

When choosing a planner, it’s important to consider your goals and needs. What features do you need, which will you actually use, and what do you NOT want in a planner? Some planning enthusiasts spend a lot of time working on their planners, while some people just want to keep track of their assignments and events. Others are somewhere in between. No matter where you fall on the planning spectrum, the options above should help narrow down your choices.