5 Jobs for People Who Want to Work from Home

Working at home offers many advantages, including saved time and travel expenses. Those who work from home also tend to have more flexible schedules. A designated office space is important if you plan to work from home, since you’ll need to be free of distractions. If you have your heart set on working from home, consider these work-from-home job options.


Virtual Personal Assistant

Personal assistants may perform a variety of duties, including scheduling appointments, fielding communications, and revising reports. A virtual personal assistant may work for one or many clients, depending on the demands of each client. How do you become a virtual personal assistant? First, administrative experience is a huge plus. In addition, familiarity with word processing software is a must. Your best chance at getting clients is to reach out to your contacts via LinkedIn or other professional networks. Salaries for personal assistants vary greatly depending on one’s responsibilities and client base.

Web Administrator

A web administrator is responsible for the maintenance and functionality of a website. Web administrators may work for large companies or small businesses. Most web administrators have some familiarity with common programming languages, in addition to web design knowledge. They may also write content for the sites they manage, including blog posts and About pages. As with many other work from home jobs, web administrators may have several clients. The salary of a work-from-home web administrator depends on the type of client(s) one works for and the complexity of the websites needing management.

Customer Service Representative

Many companies, including Amazon, hire work-from-home customer service reps. A customer service rep may take calls, respond to emails, and participate in live chats with customers. Special equipment and a quiet work environment will be required. Depending on the company, you may also need to work at a call center location before being granted work-from-home privileges.

Virtual Tutors

Tutors are in high demand among students of all ages, particularly in math and science. As a virtual tutor, you will need to be able to convey information effectively over the web or by phone. Clients will expect you to have a degree related to the subject you tutor and may request transcripts or standardized test scores. You can find jobs listed on most major job sites and may also want to promote your tutoring services via a personal blog or by advertising in your local newspaper or college newspapers.

Freelance Writer

Freelance writers write for newspapers, magazines, and blogs. Many freelance writers start out writing for their on sites or blogs, which allows them to gain attention from magazines and other publications related to their niche. One way to get your name out as a writer is to guest post on more popular blogs and websites. You may need to write some articles for free so that you can build your portfolio to present to paying clients. Since writing is a competitive field, you’ll need to develop a strong online presence and promote yourself via social media.

Working from home isn’t always as fun as it seems. You may be working odd and long hours for little pay. And little distractions can derail your productivity. Before you make the decision to work from home, consider whether you have the self-discipline necessary to be successful.