Signs of a Great Career Test

There are many online career assessments. Some tests can be very helpful when helping you decide on a career. Before you take a test or pay for a detailed report, you should look for signs that the test will be as accurate as possible. Here are some characteristics of a good career test:

1. It takes more than one factor into account. A test that assesses several factors will probably be more accurate than a test that offers suggestions based on one factor alone. Several tests only use your personality type to determine your best careers. These tests don’t account for interests, physical limitations, and other important factors.

2. It’s written by a professional. You should be able to find out who developed the test, including his or her credentials. The test website should at least offer information about how the test was developed and if it is research-based.

3. It has 100 or more questions. On short tests, one answer can skew the results too much. Some really great tests are adaptive and will offer extra questions based on previous answers if it doesn’t have enough information.

4. It gives you more than one result. A good career test will offer several careers that might be a right fit. Even the most accurate test can’t know you well enough to recommend one career as your “best” career.

There are some interesting short and free career tests on the internet. These tests are not necessarily bad. They can be useful for giving you some ideas of careers to consider, but don’t make decisions based on these tests alone.

My next post will list some of my favorite career assessments.

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