7 Questions to Ask in the First Interview

So many times we are so nervous in the first interview, that when the interviewer asks the infamous, ‘so do you have any questions for me’ your mind, of course, goes blank. You know you have a list of questions but for some reasons you can’t think of any, so before your next interview review these 7 questions and speak up!

1. What does a typical and normal day look like in this position? The interviewer will give you an overall description of the job and what is expected from you but you want to know what your daily life will be like. Ask them to explain to you what a normal work day looks like for that position

2. What are the hours expected to work?Some companies have strict policies on when you should arrive and leave for work, as well as when lunch is to be taken. Make sure that their time window is something that you are able to work with. Ask them about over time and if you are expected to work different hours like on weekends or holiday’s

3. Is there room for growth? With any position in any career, you always want to grow and move forward. Be sure that the company does offer chances for you to grow in the company, if there is no growth; you could find yourself getting bored of your work pretty quickly.

4. What is the salary range for the position? Most people have a hard time asking this question in their first interview because they fear it’s awkward and unprofessional; it is neither. Be sure you ask exactly ‘salary range’, this will give you an idea what you should be asking and expecting. If it pays under your minimum, then it’s best to know in the beginning before you waste your and the companies time. Most companies typically tell you in the first interview but if they don’t be afraid to politely ask.

5. What kind of benefits are offered?Like the salary question, benefits is sometimes looked over by the job applicant but is good to know before you spend any more time in the interview process. Ask what kind of benefits they offer their employees, as well as sick and vacation days. Good companies typically offer good benefits and are proud of what they have and gladly share this information.

6. What characteristics does the person in this position need to possess? You know what skills you have but you want to know what skills and characteristics that they think is best for this position. You need to ask this for yourself because you want to make sure that you can fulfill the job duties. So be honest with yourself and ask yourself if you fit their needs.

7. When are they looking to fill the position?Asking this question will show the job interviewer that you are serious and interested in the position. Asking this question last is a good way to also gauge how serious they are about you and can give you a time table on the next steps in the process.

Be confident and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Remember to be respectful when asking questions and listen to their responses. Congratulations on your interview and good luck!

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2 thoughts on “7 Questions to Ask in the First Interview”

  1. Consider asking why the position is available. Consider that some of the questions may better be saved for the second interview, wages, hours etc. Don’t give them a reason to eliminate you.

  2. This is aimed at recent graduates, so most positions will be due to others moving up or new positions being created. Also, salary is very important so it’s a good question to ask during the first interview if not already stated in the job description.

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