Mentspot Offers Free Virtual Mentorinig

You’ve probably read that mentors are good for your career. But sometimes finding a mentor is easier said than done. Maybe you’re a college student and don’t have access to people in your chosen field.  You may be a professional but feel your coworkers or superiors are too busy to mentor. MentSpot is a new virtual mentoring platform that allows users to connect with mentors from anywhere in the world.  With just a few clicks, you can connect with your ideal mentor and start moving your career forward. We spoke with Maurice, founder of Mentspot, about the advantages of the platform and how users can get the most from the site.


Why is having a career mentor so important?

For many, especially young, people it is difficult to define which direction they should go in terms of their career. A Mentor is able to see the potential in them and advice what they can do with specific talents and how to approach their dream job.

What are some unique features of your website?

What’s unique is a Goal List, which ensures a clear process towards the goal, as well as on-site calling to improve the communication but keep the desired level of anonymity.

How does a virtual mentor differ from a real life mentor?

For one, it is easier to find a virtual mentor. The mentee can also stay anonymous, which is very often important for people with introvert personalities, as it’s easier for them to be open via virtual tools rather than face to face. Finally, using MentSpot is absolutely free at the moment.

Which industries are represented among your mentors?

At the moment, we divided the areas of mentoring into 5 categories:  Life & Personal Development, Business & Entrepreneurship, Career & Study, Health & Sports, Creative & Arts

Can you offer some tips for successfully working with a virtual mentor?

I’d say that most important is to find the right person, who is representing the same values as you and you have a “click”. Later, a key is consistency and staying systematic in terms of the tasks set by your mentor. At the end, it is up to you if you make a progress, since a mentor’s job is to give you advice and direction, but you are the one to make changes and decisions.

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