5 MBA Concentrations to Consider

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You may not feel like the MBA type, but a graduate business degree can go well beyond general management. There are many diverse MBA concentrations and specialties available, so no matter your interests or career goals, it’s possible to find a relevant degree concentration. While an MBA isn’t the best choice for everyone, don’t dismiss it without researching all of the options. Some interesting MBA concentrations to consider:


Organizational Behavior

One challenge of all companies is to maintain effective employee performance and interaction. Organizational behavior studies a wide variety of concepts including work environments, performance, team dynamics, and leadership. One major goal of an organizational behavior expert is to maximize performance and employee satisfaction. If you have an interest in both psychology and business, organizational behavior is a perfect choice.

Sustainability and Environmental Compliance

Every large business is concerned with sustainability, not only to comply with regulations but to attract customers that care about the environment. With the increasing focus on the environmental impact of business operations and products, MBA graduates that can help companies with sustainability will be in very high demand.

Forensic Accounting

Forensic accountants specialize in fraudulent activity, such as money laundering financial statement fraud, and embezzlement. They may be employed by accounting firms, consulting firms, insurance companies, or governmental agencies. While an MBA is not a requirement for most forensic accounting jobs, it can open up more opportunities for accountants interested in the specialty.

Healthcare Management

A graduate degree in healthcare management may be a good choice for healthcare workers looking to move up to more lucrative leadership and administrative roles. Consulting firms, insurance companies, government agencies and HMO’s are some of the employment options for those with an MBA in healthcare management.

Statistics or Quantitative Analysis

The use of statistics and quantitative analysis can not only measure business efficiency, but also greatly improve decision-making. MBA students concentrating in statistics and qualitative analysis may take courses in accounting, economics, managerial science, applied statistics, and computer simulation. Graduates with high level quantitative and mathematical skills can expect job opportunities in a variety of industries.

Not all schools will offer the concentrations listed above, so check with each graduate program before applying.

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