Living a Sustainable Lifestyle As a College Student

Being a student is expensive enough. Young people usually get intimidated by the sustainability idea, given the already huge expenses they have to make in order to finish their studies. They see this lifestyle choice as an added expense that they can’t afford.

But what they don’t realize is that a sustainable life can actually lower their living costs. By taking a few steps, and doing a few changes in the way we live day to day, we can make a tremendous change. Recycling, reusing, turning off electronics can save us a considerable amount of money that we would otherwise waste by paying huge electricity bills, buying plastic utensils, etc.

Bellow are some actionable tips on how to lead a more sustainable life and help your pockets at the same time.

Take Notes Electronically

Using paper in today’s technological development is really just not convenient. On top of that, it is very unsustainable. Even though our electronic devices are not made out of sustainable materials, they are still a better way to take notes than paper. By taking notes on your laptop you won’t have to buy paper and notebooks as well as you will have everything in one place.

Use Reusable

Taking reusable bags with you when you shop is one of the easiest ways to make a difference. Plastic is one of the biggest pollutants of the oceans and land. In some countries, you have to pay if you want a plastic bag, so using reusable is actually more affordable.


Recycling is something that doesn’t require an investment prior, and a great way to implement sustainable practices into your life. You can do this by dividing your trash into categories, by material, and then sell it to recycling companies.


Often time, when we are done using our electronic devices, we leave them still plugged. This way we spend more electricity and have to pay a bigger bill.

Buy Less or Second Hand

Fast fashion is one of the least sustainable practices. By buying brand new clothes, by unsustainable brands, we are actually supporting some of the biggest polluters in the world. On the other hand, buying second hand won’t raise the demand for more production, and you will have some unique clothes.


If you are a student that travels by car, think of changing it to biking or even walking (short distances). That way you will get your exercise on and you will save some money.

Use Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

This is useful advice to all people and organizations, not only students. Energy efficient light bulbs save up to 80% energy saving you a good amount of money on your electricity bill and saving the planet at the same time.

Decrease Meat Consumption

The meat industry is one of the biggest polluters of the planet. It takes around 2400 liters of water to produce a beef hamburger. Not to mention the land used for cow waste and other purposes. A vegetarian or vegan diet is actually very sustainable.

Water Usage

The water crisis is one of the signs of climate change. By reducing water use, installing eco-friendly shower heads and closing the taps when you don’t need them can help you save water.

Author Bio:

My name is Ujëbardha Bekolli. I am reaching out on behalf of SUMAS, which is a Sustainability Business School, located in Switzerland. The aim of SUMAS is to educate managers that will take responsible decisions, which will have a delicate impact on the world. Respect for the environment, sustainability and green marketing are the pillars over which our work is built.