The Importance of Job Satisfaction

I hate this job Yasser Alghofily via Compfight

For many employees, being miserable at work is a given. Work is work and shouldn’t be enjoyed, according to a depressingly large percentage of the population. However, a fulfilling career leads not only to happiness at work and at home, but to greater success in all aspects of life. A few reasons you should make job satisfaction a priority:


Going to work every day is hard in the best of circumstances, but if you’re unhappy at work it becomes a never-ending emotional and physical drain.  Lack of motivation can lead to decreased productivity, career advancement, and income potential. If you always dread going to work, it’s time to start searching for a new job or even a new career path.


Most professionals face difficult circumstances at some point in their careers. Whatever the problem, it’s much easier to push through when you love the work itself. An inherent interest in your chosen profession allows you to overlook situations that might otherwise derail your career.


Most successful individuals have a strong interest or even a passion for their work. Increased motivation and perseverance lead to a greater chance of success, so it follows that loving what you do allows for higher achievement despite setbacks. Your goals will be more ambitious because of a strong desire to continue pursuing your interests, and your chances of reaching or exceeding those goals are also more likely.


Both mental and physical health are adversely affected by a negative work environment. Years of stress and dissatisfaction can lead to heart problems, stroke, depression, and other serious health conditions. Stress can often be attributed to career and financial difficulties. Therefore, finding satisfaction in one’s work can greatly reduce stress, prevent many health problems now and in the long-run.

Interests are only one factor in choosing a career, but it’s very important to have an interest in your chosen career. For more on finding your best career, read Career Match: Connecting Who You Are with What You’ll Love to Do