How to Succeed in an Online Class

College Student Web BrowsingOnline classes are a convenient way for busy students and working professionals to get college credit. However, they require a higher degree of self-motivation than traditional classes. If you want to pass an online class, you’ll have to be well-organized and committed in order to succeed. A few success tips for online students:

Create a designated workspace. You should have one designated spot to work on your class. It should be distraction-free and have all of your class materials available. You’re more likely to focus on your work if the space is specifically meant for work, rather than for other activities such as watching tv or sleeping. If you live with family members or roommates, let them know that you can’t be disturbed when you’re at your designated workspace.

Keep a schedule for studying. Although you don’t have to go to a class at a certain time, you should still maintain a consistent study schedule. It’s easy to skip studying if you don’t have a specific time to work, so choose a time when you’re least likely to be busy and make that your study time. Put it on your calendar or in your planner so that you don’t forget to study or schedule something else in it’s place.

Read the syllabus carefully. In a traditional classroom, the instructor typically goes over the syllabus during the first class. You may think you can just skim the syllabus for your online class, but you should read it carefully because online courses usually have different requirements than traditional classes. Go over the course schedule and write note key dates (tests, quizzes, project due dates) in your personal planner or calendar and set reminders to yourself so that you aren’t caught by surprise. Also pay attention to any instructions or requirements for the class, such as testing instructions and discussion requirements.

Check in every day. Most online classes require students to participate in discussions, often daily. Be sure to check in every day so you don’t miss any announcements, discussions, or quizzes. A large percentage of your grade may depend on your participation in online discussions so don’t be hesitant about interacting with your instructor and fellow classmates.

Online classes aren’t for everyone, but self-motivated students have a good chance of success in an online course if they stay motivated and organized. Start by following the advice above and you’ll be well on your way to passing your online course.