Happy International Women’s Day!

On International Women’s Day, I’d like to thank all of the women who have had to stand strong in a male-dominated world. It’s not been easy. I’ve remained silent while men made crude jokes in order to keep my job. I’ve lost out on job opportunities because they didn’t think that I, as a woman, could handle them. I’ve been walked over, bullied, and harassed.

I’ve been told to “smile” because that’s what we, as women, are expected to do no matter the circumstances. I’ve been referred to as a “secretary” when my actual job title was something completely different. I’ve worked twice as hard as the men only to be paid half as much.

But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve become stronger in the face of adversity and discrimination. Sometimes that means that others see me as rude or cold. That’s okay. I’m going to keep standing strong and not giving in to bullying, harassment or discrimination. Happy International Women’s Day to all of the strong, amazing women out there!

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