College Life Planning for American Students

All about College Life:

College life can be pretty awesome while it can also be very cumbersome depending on the choices one makes and how they plan. There will be ups and downs but in order to overcome challenges successfully and have a smooth life in college, good planning is necessary. While it may appear as easy, planning is much more than what it sounds.

Starting Your Day:

It all begins with simple tasks such as making one’s bed and keeping a clean room. Trying to study in an untidy environment has proven to be disruptive and one finds it difficult to concentrate. Thus the need for organizing one’s room or the area where they study.

Also, one needs to plan their time carefully to avoid getting behind. This begins by waking up at a regular time each day. Oversleeping may lead to missed classes and late assignments. As it is said, time wasted is never recovered.

Managing Academics at College:

For one to properly manage their time, it is necessary to come up with a to-do list for every day to ensure that one remains focused. The 8/8/8 method of planning one’s life becomes equally important for a student. This is whereby eight hours are used for studies or working part time to earn some money, the other eight is used for sleep since one is likely to be more productive if they get enough sleep and the other eight can be used for relaxing improving one’s social life.

Reminders are also important to ensure that one does not forget important things that they are supposed to do. Other crucial things that make college life more manageable include self-control, keeping your books in order and backing up one’s computer. One needs to limit him or herself in terms of time used on the internet to avoid leaving other tasks undone. Losing assignments and other important information from your computer in college is a nightmare experience. There do exist some professional online writing services that provide the best essay services, like and others. Therefore, it is important for college students to ensure that all the crucial information in their computer is backed on a hard drive or even Google drive to avoid disappointment just in case the computer crashes.

Leading a Successful Life at College

Though different people are gifted with different abilities and privileges, one common factor for all humans is the 1,440 minutes a day. The difference however is how everyone uses their time which determines what they achieve. One can either be successful or become a failure depending on how they use their time, thus the importance of practicing time management skills when one is still a student. Some of the most successful people in the US today began proper time management when they were students and no doubt it has been rewarding.

For instance, FUBU founder and CEO Daymond Garfield John who has seen his time management skills lead him up the success ladder and he now believes in maximizing each and every second. As a matter of fact, he does his mail on the plane rather than waiting to get to the office. Former US president Dwight Eisenhower left behind a legacy on time management that every student should learn from. The 34th US president’s strategy operated by grouping the tasks to be done into important/unimportant and urgent/not urgent. This way, one is able to attend to the important things first which are urgent. One needs not waste much time doing things that are not as important. That is what forme Apple CEO Steve Jobs decided to do. Jobs realized that a lot of time was wasted deciding on each day’s choice of outfit. As such, he decided to dress in the same outfits daily to save on time. Students therefore need to make proper use of their time and manage their calendars and not allow their calendars to manage them.

These tips will not only make college life easier and manageable but will also help one lead a happier life in college.

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