10 Things to Do Before Graduating College

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It’s one of the best times of your life – you’re on your own for the first time in your life, yet free of most of the responsibilities that are a normal part of being an adult when you’re in college. It’s an experience that must be savored and used to the maximum because it’s a time you can never get back. You may go back to school again at some point in your life, but it’s those first four years that count as your real college life, a time when you discover that you had wings and could fly if you so choose to. If you’re looking for ways to make your college life more memorable, here’s a list of ten things to do before you graduate:

1.      Take a course just for the heck of it: College is mostly about classes and courses and lectures and exams. They’re necessary if you want to graduate with good grades. However, use your freshman year to take a course that’s not part of your degree requirements, just for fun or for a completely new experience.

2.      Get to spend some time with your professors: They’re not just people who walk in and out of your classrooms and spout lectures; they could be much more if you take some time to get to know them outside class. Stopping to introduce yourself and say hello to your professors helps when it comes to job searches, letters of recommendation, and even higher grades if possible.

3.      Find an internship position: The best way to find a career that’s suited to your temperament and mentality is to test the waters before you find a job; and the only way to do this while still in college is to work as an intern during your junior and senior years. You spend your time gaining useful knowledge and experience, and you bolster your credentials when it’s time to find a job.

4.      Stay up all night: I don’t mean you should drink all night and party away the hours (although that’s not bad if done just once or twice for the heck of it), just that it’s nice at times to sit up with a bunch of friends in your dorm room, library or any other part of campus, studying a little, and having loads of fun.

5.      Explore your campus: College campuses are huge, sprawling areas – spend a weekend exploring your campus and discovering nooks and corners that you never knew existed.

6.      Ask that hot guy/girl out: You may be shy and short of confidence, but it’s worth the effort to screw up your courage and ask your dream date out. The worst thing that could happen is that they turn you down, and on the bright side, they may say yes and make your day and much more. Wait for the right moment however – catching them alone decreases the probability of a public put-down.

7.      Take part in an extra-curricular activity on campus: College is more than just books and lessons; so take advantage of the range of extra-curricular activities that college offers – sports, drama clubs, etc. – and add to your repertoire of skills and talents.

8.      Eat something you’ve never tasted before: For once in your life, be adventurous in matters of the palate. Eat something you would never touch otherwise, as part of a bet or just to challenge yourself to try new experiences.

9.      Learn how to keep your dorm room clean: College students are not known for being neat and organized; so turn popular perception on its head and start keeping your room clean, your clothes washed and put away, and your schedule organized and planned.

10.  Start planning your career: You’ve come to college in order to find and choose a career, so start working on finding a job by the end of your junior year. Build a network of support that you can tap when it’s time to enter the professional world. And work on your grades and academic performance so it’s easier to find a job once you graduate.

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