The Best Websites to Promote Yourself

An online presence can prove helpful for college students and job seekers, not only because employers and recruiters search online but also because networking sites can help you easily build a solid network and stay in touch with contacts. LinkedIn is an obvious place to start, but you don’t have to limit yourself to one professional online profile. Expanding your online presence will increase your chances of attracting recruiters and building your professional network. For some ideas for broadening your online professional network and showcasing your accomplishments, take a look at some of our favorite sites.

For Students


For students wishing to combine academics and career planning, MyEdu presents the perfect option. You can create a profile, get recommendations from professors and search for internships. Showcase your experience and skills to potential employers, create class schedules and view course grade records. MyEdu is a website every career-minded college student should try.


If you’re a college student or recent graduate with little real-world work experience but plenty of projects and other work to show off, ThePortfolium is the perfect option. Create a profile to show off your skills, projects, presentations and interests to employers. Join one of the many groups or college network to interact with other students and recent graduates. The site also has job and internship listings for companies such as Facebook, Boeing, and Nokia.


Whether you’re a business major or designer, a visual representation of your accomplishments can prove extremely valuable. Seelio combines useful features seen on other social networking sites to create a visually appealing and fun way for students to interact while showcasing their achievements. You can browse the site by tags or groups, and like other members’ submissions. The site also encourages networking by allowing you to follow and message users.

For Everyone allows users to create a personal homepage without the need to set up a complete website. You can list your work experience, education, projects and other accomplishments. It’s a great tool to build up an online presence and give potential employers more information about your accomplishments.


For a resume that’s a little more interesting, VisualCV may be your answer. The site allows users to combine audio, video and a digital portfolio on a single page. A useful feature of VisualCV is the ability to create different CV’s for different audiences. And for privacy, you are able to control who can view your portfolios.


If you’ve worked on many projects and presentations, Slideshare provides an easy way to share your knowledge while also promoting your accomplishments. You can create PowerPoint slideshows, videos, and infographics. For better networking opportunities, create a profile with your career information and add links to your other social media pages. Finally, follow other members in your industry to make connections and stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

As a free online resume builder, gives professionals a basic alternative to more elaborate portfolio sites. You don’t have to limit yourself to one resume – you can create multiple versions of your resume for different job opportunities. And for job seekers, there are local listings in a wide range of industries.


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